Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Band Aids

Do you ever get sick of the computer? Man, I have been lately. Between work and trying to finish The Thesis my butt is sick and tired of being parked in front of a monitor.

That is my excuse for not posting. Take it or leave it!


I am going to dress up as Cleopatra next Halloween, because, holy cow am I ever the Queen of Denial.

Therapy is starting to get interesting. And exciting and scary.

And worth it.


I may lose my current advisor, aka The Most Kick Ass Thesis Advisor Ever Who Totally Gets Me, to a sabbatical. *whimper*

Hold me.


I backed into a very stationary, very large storage shed the other day. Behind the public library. In A.'s truck. Boy, I felt like an idiot when I went back into the library to explain I just punched a hole in their storage shed. They were super awesome about it.

I gave the cop all of my insurance info and whatnot. He called something in and came back because the truck isn't registered to me. It is registered to A. and I am just listed as a driver with our insurance.

Oh, yeah. I COMPLETELY FORGOT. We aren't married.

I forget, sometimes. No, really. I forget that we aren't married.


Tuesdays have always been the worst day of the week for me, even when I was in grade school. I could kind of slide through Monday pretty quickly without incurring too many injuries, even if I wasn't totally prepared for Monday. But, man. There is no tricking Tuesday. Tuesday just knows when I don't have my shit together. And Tuesday always makes me pay.

Stupid Tuesday.


One of A.'s best friends, another artist, also hates Tuesdays. He hates them vehemently. I wonder if it something to do with the artistic temperament?


On that note, have the best Tuesday you can, and keep some band-aids close.


  1. By now Tuesday is almost over! Is that a good thing?

  2. I had a rough Tuesday today too-- and my oldest did need a real band-aid :( Let's hope Wednesday is nicer to us.

  3. Wait...you can LOOSE your thesis adviser over a sabbatical???!!! i do not think i want to hear that, i haven't even started mine!

  4. Oh, I'm sorry about the truck/shed incident. OOPS!

    Tuesdays are my nemesis. I'm not even kidding. Everything is horrible on Tuesdays. Plus, for some reason, Tuesdays (and Thursdays) are AWFUL commuting days. I don't know why. Probably because Tuesday just wants to prolong the awfulness.

    I hope your replacement adviser is just as awesome!

  5. can you maybe, uh, finish the thesis before your advisor leaves? maybe? :-)

    re: tuesdays - DUDE. TOTALLY. i highly suggest implimenting a Girls' Night on tuesday nights, because omg. it saves the week for me, every week.


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