Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Five

1. This has been the first full work week for me since before Christmas. (I know, poor me.) Between two weeks off for the holidays, an ill-timed, kick-ass cold, and my week-long trip for the Inauguration, I haven't managed to be in my office for five full days yet.
This has been a LONG week.
2. Today is the first day this week I haven't worn long underwear under my clothes. I feel so freakin' light and free!

3. I caved in and accepted the friend request from my boss on Facebook. I figure it will keep me honest and I won't be inclined to focus and fester on workplace frustation; I won't spout off crap on Facebook that I shouldn't be in the first place. Also, I do care for her a great deal. She is a fantastic person.
4. Hopefully I REMEMBER that my boss is part of my Facebook network. 
5.  A. has taken to watching the Denver Fox news program in the morning. (I hate local news programs of any sort. HATE. And Fox and Fox affiliates? Don't even get me started.) 
As I am puttering around the house in the morning, I hear A. laughing his ass off. He is thoroughly entertained by the absurdity of that show. Since I love the sound of his laugh more than anything on God's green Earth, I find I am thankful he tunes in to the show.

Happy Friday to you! May it breeze by quickly, and that your weekend is slow and relaxed.


  1. 3. I think it is inappropriate of a boss to submit a friend request to their employee on Facebook. Unless you're like total BFFs or whatever, no no no. Even if she means well, she shouldn't have done it.

    5. YAY DENVER! Even if it IS Fox news.

  2. The current beauty of FB is the ability to create groups and set different permission/privacy levels for those groups. I'm "friends" with an assortment of people and just like in the real world, I don't share everything with all of my "friends". I've used the groups and privacy levels as a way of managing colleagues, long lost friends, and other assorted groups. It's pretty effective.

    And yeah for no longer wearing long underwear!

  3. Jess - Things are very, very informal and relaxed in this small, western town. Professional boundaries aren't so rigid here. I miss that about the East.

    But! Thanks, Bibliodiva for the FB friends list tip! I've arranged it so work folks don't see updates or wall posts. I FEEL SO MUCH BETTER.

  4. my boss and i are FB friends, but she was a bff BEFORE she was my boss, and knows more inappropriate things about me than possibly anyone else in my life. so.. um... yeah. work boundaries? what are those? :-)


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