Tuesday, December 9, 2008

W _ _ DY

I cannot believe I am about to type this, but I am kind of glad winter has arrived.


Before you accuse my of losing my mind, I should explain that some unusual circumstances have brought about this reluctant (and noncommittal) change of heart. First, we have had a warm, drawn-out autumn. We never have weather like that. Ever. Usually, fall lasts all of three days and winter arrives and stays for eight, maybe nine long months. This leisurely fall has given me time to get accustomed to the idea of winter. It doesn't seem as scary. Still scary, just not as scary. The difference is sublte, but important.

Also -- and this is probably the most influential factor in my gracious attitude toward this winter season -- there really has not been any (Oh, do I dare type it?) W _ _ D to speak of. (Don't say it out loud! Please! You will jinx us back into our normal, howling 40+ MPH W _ _ D! Please, for the love of all that is sweet and pure, for bunnies and kitties and unicorns, DO NOT SAY THAT WORD OUT LOUD.)

Sure, there was that one day of 45+ MPH W_ _ D with gusts up to 70 MPH. But that was only ONE DAY. Usually, circumstances are flipped. Usually, there is ONE DAY of calm throughout all of winter. People come outsides in droves, so freakin' sick with cabin fever (W _ _ D Fever?) that they jump at the chance to be outside. So much energy gets freed up when you don't have to lean into the W _ _ D that you just feel like leaping around for the hell of it. Because you can. Every pup in town gets an extra walk on that day because it is just so damn nice to be outside.

So, if this is what winter could look like, not as an exception but as the rule, I could definitely get into the season. It is pleasant to be outside, even if it is only 11ºF outside. Who knew? I certainly did not.

Yep, wherever we live next has to be relatively W _ _ D-free. What a difference.

Oh, man. It STILL is not W _ _DY. Holy cow!

Remember - don't say the word out loud! Please! My sanity depends on it.


  1. You are too cute. I'm so glad you're having decent weather this year. And also, one other thing probably helps you look forward to winter--your wood stove!

  2. man, those normal conditions sounds.. well, wretched. i am VERY happy you're getting a respite!!

  3. Constant w__d would be very frustrating. I hope this current weather pattern stays!

  4. After reading your post, I was reminiscing on growing up in a very w__dy place in Montana. In searching online I found it is the 7th windiest place in the US. And right up there with Great Falls is both Casper and Cheyenne. (See http://web2.airmail.net/danb1/usrecords.htm)

    A quick w&#d story:
    One Thanksgiving my Great Grandparents came to visit us. My Great Grandpa was nearly 90. After coming in from a walk outside, when asked how he wss doing, he said, "I was leaning so far forward that when the w__d stopped, I fell over."

    I too have come to enjoy the peace that comes from less w*#d.

  5. I am embarrassed at how long it took me to fill in the two letters in W__D. I was never good at Hangman or Wheel of Fortune either. I'm crossing my fingers for calm air for you!


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