Friday, December 5, 2008

Friday Five

Updated to add the following video. Holy cow. It is both horrifying and THE MOST HEARTWARMING THING I'VE EVER SEEN.

I have had it with the stupid Glade commercials where the woman tries to conceal that she bought regular candles by lying, telling her friends they are expensive "boutique" candles and her bitchy friends gleefully calling her out on it. The commentary on women, female friendships and status infuriates the living hell right out of me.

2. I don't suggest substituting Johnny Walker for Jack Daniel's in a whiskey sour. Gross. I should have known better.

3. Tonight I intend to curl up a hot cup of Russian Tea* (or Spiced Tea**)and a mountain of cookbooks and determine which cookies I will be baking over the next week for my holiday cookie gift bags. I am so anxious to just go home and get started! The Cookie Action Plan needs to be finalized! I love this planning stage as much as I love the baking stage. So. fun.

4. I nearly have my Christmas Card List updated and ready to go. Thanks to the VERY GENEROUS gift from the Petty Bureaucrat last year that still makes me all warm and fuzzy and teary-eyed from the sheer thoughtfulness of it, I will not exceed my Stamp Budget.

5. Winter hadn't really arrived here until this week. Last week I was too warm wearing a sweatshirt -- without a coat -- outside and last night it got down to -20ºF. Good times.

The wood stove is AWESOME. I cannot explain how much more comfortable we are now, all warm and toasty. I am so very grateful that A. and I had the the monetary and logistical resources to install the stove.

I cannot help but think of folks who are not as fortunate as A. and I and who are struggling to keep warm.
I'd like to encourage you one more time to look up your state LIHEAP office, whether for your sake of for the sake of someone you know. Please don't hesitate to share this information with someone who might need it. It is scary, for whatever reason, to acknowledge that we or someone else needs help. Corny as this is going to sound, you may be a blessing in someone's life if you share this info.

Qualifying incomes have increased so more people than ever can qualify for heating assistance. Also, it is possible that even if utilities are included in rent that people can still recieve assistance. The landlord or manager who handles the actual utility bills needs to be involved, but I believe it is only one set of paperwork they need to fill out. It will not be a monthly commitment to paperwork by the property owner.

Warm Friday wishes to you!

* Russian Tea Mix

1 cup instant tea powder
2 cups orange-flavored drink mix (e.g. Tang)
1 (3 ounce) package powdered lemonade mix
2 cups white sugar
2 teaspoons ground cinnamon
1/2 teaspoon ground cloves

In a large bowl, combine instant tea powder, orange drink mix, lemonade powder, sugar, cinnamon and cloves. Mix thoroughly. Store in a sealed jar.
To use, mix 3 to 4 tablespoons of mix with 1 cup hot or cold water. Adjust to taste.

** My friend, Bibliodiva, makes her Spiced Tea with a smidge different proportions and ground ginger. It is super yummy.


  1. That video almost made me cry -
    I hate those commercials too...

  2. Oops !
    That was really me... I forgot I had signed in under Jake to change somethings in our blog layout :)

  3. OK, I am with you on those commercials, but I do have to ask. There are SO MANY commercials that send terrible, sexist messages and have incredibly ridiculous implications. Why is it that this particular one drives you crazier than all the others?

  4. Jess - I think it is the extra dose of "girls are always bitchy to each other/competitive" bullshit that sends me over the edge.


  5. gah! that video! it hurts :-(

    i am so jealous every time i hear about your way cool wood stove. we have a fireplace in my apt, but it's gas, and it is SO EXPENSIVE to use it. so.. uh.. we usually just don't. boo.

  6. We had a really cold weekend. It's a little warmer today and promises to be warmer still tomorrow. I hope so... I've felt chilled since Friday! I do that with the cookbooks too. I've been flipping through them for awhile deciding what I will make. Will you post what you decide on?

  7. DUDE: that Glade commercial? Just about KILLS Chip every time it's on. He hates that woman's friends, and most especially, he **hates** the woman for lying in the first place. Gla-day? Really?


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