Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Great Decluttering: Weeks Two, Three and Four

  • I have a pile of 20 books between A. and I that need to be sold/donated/freecycled.

I want it noted, for all prosperity on The Internet, that 17 of these books are mine. Those of you who know me in "real" life understand what a big deal this is for me. Also? Two of the three books A. contributed are western romances or some shit that he *claims* he has no idea how they got on his bookshelf. Yeah, right.

  • Terra Cotta Bird House - Artemisia
  • One flower vase - Artemisia
  • One computer keyboard - A.
  • Extra 32-ounce empty yogurt tubs - Artemisia
  • All miscellaneous paperwork/junk mail from living room, front entrance table, and kitchen - Artemisia

  • A friend of ours is moving to the Midwest and A. took a mini-fridge off his hands. DAMMIT.


Man, Oh man, how I love Freecycle. I have given away so much stuff, totally usable, presentable stuff as well as  used (and cleaned) 32-ounce yogurt tubs.  I love that it is less hassle to get rid of stuff through Freecycle than trying to deal with our overwhelmed Salvation Army. The SA ends up throwing a lot of donations into the landfill. With Freecycle, I can at least hope that my items find a second use and avoid the landfill.

The only problem with Freecycle, for me, is coordinating the pick-up of my items up for grabs. The standard procedure for our local Freecycle group is for whomever is collecting the items up for grabs is responsible for picking them up (the donator does not deliver).  Since A. and I live seven miles out of town, leaving stuff on our front deck for folks to pick up on their own time doesn't really work. (Not to mention, our place is notoriously hard to find and I'd spend my evening on the phone, reiterating directions.) I am trying to figure out a good place to either meet people or drop my stuff off so as to avoid driving around town. It is not so free if I use up all the gas in my tank. I don't want people showing up at Workplace, that seems both tacky and inappropriate. I've suggested meeting in the parking lot of a restaurant that is in town and that I drive by on my way in to work or on my way home. That seems to work for most people. 

Do you have any other suggestions?

Since I am still dedicated to The Great Decluttering, I just ignore the posts listing free stuff. If A. and I decide there is something specific we are in need of, I'll just keep my eyes open.

I have no intention, whatsover, to show A. how to get these notices himself. No, no, no.


  1. I love Freecycle too. It's so nice to give something away to someone who actually wants it! I also got some nightstands that I used for Bart's room from there, but for the most part, I just purge stuff.

  2. YOU seem more committed than A. to both the ridding yourselves of excess stuff and the refusal to gain NEW excess stuff. Not showing him how to gain access to those notices is a bright idea.

  3. freecycle is lovely! i got rid of my old dresser that way - absolute best part was i didn't have to work out how to get it out of my house; the person who picked it up did :-)


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