Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Kenny Chesney is On To Something

I would LOVE to see A. on a tractor. I mean, I would just dieDamn.

I realize this reveals -- well, something about me. I am just fine with that.

A. is in the kitchen, making dinner. He just took a swig of good, microbrew beer, and told me about the electric fence he put up a couple of weeks ago makes Star Wars-esque shooting-laser-beam-sounds.  He mentioned how the other guys he works with were "horsing around on tractors and shit."  I don't know. Seeing my baby in the kitchen, making dinner for me, relaxing, enjoying a beer and then my imagining him on a tractor has me, well, feeling frisky.


  1. Men on tractors are manly men, for sure!

  2. Hee hee! If this is the sort of "random thoughts" posting we can now look forward to, SIGN ME UP! I love it. So cute.

    I, uh, agree about the tractors. Ahem.

  3. I'm all for men on tractors as well--seems to be universal! :-)

    That was a cute post!

  4. i've, uh, never considered how i felt about my men on tractors. considering i tend to date the sort of nerdy engineer type, i think it would be more.. um.. hilarious, probably, than sexy :-)

  5. Ha! I do hope you are familiar with Ree, The Pioneer Woman. She's awesome... and would completely understand your thing with the tractor, etc.

  6. This is cute. You're CUTE.


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