Friday, July 18, 2008

Friday Five

1. I changed my own engine oil last night! A. was there to show me what to do, warn me of certain things (such as, if you don't unscrew the oil filter fast enough you will have oil shooting everywhere. He was right.) and loosen the a couple of things I couldn't quite budge. It is super easy. I saved myself about $25 and strutted around feeling TOTALLY AWESOME AND HARDCORE.  This has been on my list of things to learn to do myself for about a year now.

2. After I changed the oil, A. and I drove the car into town (so I could rest easy knowing I did it right and that the engine wouldn't seize up) and saw the movie, Wanted. I felt decidedly less hardcore after that movie.

3. I still haven't worked up the nerve to dye my hair, and forgot to do a test patch yesterday. (I really don't want to find out I am allergic by having my entire scalp peeling away. GROSS.) So, I will do the test patch this weekend and have every intention of trying this out on Tuesday night or so. I will post before and after pictures, and maybe some action shots of the madness that is sure to ensue.  Thank you for all of your suggestions and tips!! I really appreciate it. Oh, my, I have a nervous tummy.

4. One more hair dying question: I should probably try to keep the dye away from my scalp -- especially my hairline -- right? Is this hard to do? Any bits of advice anyone?

5.  I had a dream a couple of nights ago about reallocating my 401(k) contributions. Really. Weird, yes? Last night I dreamt that Belle found and itty bitty fuzzy kitten who had gotten stuck in a soccer goal net. She wanted to play with it and it just pranced off, all fuzzy and tiny. The grass was very, very green. Then both Belle and I almost got run over by a John Deere tractor. Wierd, yes?

What have you dreamed about lately?


  1. Yay for changing your own oil!

    I'm coloring my hair this weekend (if I don't have to work), so expect some text messages if things don't go well.

    To keep your scalp clear of dye, rub a little Vaseline underneath your hairline. Any dye will wipe right off. You might want to put some on the tops of your ears too, if you're anything like me...

  2. Delurking to say congratulations on changing your own oil!! I love being able to do stuff like that myself. This spring I even diagnosed and fixed a problem my mechanic couldn't figure out!!

  3. Becky - Welcome and THAT IS AWESOME. Do you ever listen to Car Talk on NPR? Love that show!

    P&D - Good luck! Text/call me regardless if the hair drama goes well or poorly. It will be fun to catch up. And thanks for the Vaseline tip. GOOD TO KNOW.

  4. Okay, I definitely want to see the hair dye play by play. BUT...

    I would LOVE a tutorial on changing the oil!

  5. I have been having weird dreams recently, but I can't remember what happens in them. I just know that they make me feel weird when I wake up. I wish I could remember!

  6. Pickles & Dimes is totally right about the Vaseline...edge your scalp line and the tops of your ears. And remember to only wear clothes that you won't mind getting dye on. Quick clean up of any spills is rather important.

  7. Good job on the oil changing.

    You know, instead of Vaseline you could be a total hippie and smear your used engine oil on your hair line and ears to prevent hairdye stains. Of course, then you would have motor oil stains, also used motor oil is a known to the state of California to be a carcinogen. Although, you aren't in California....

  8. ooh ooh, i want to learn that too! especially now that my car is not under warranty so if i mess it up, it's not like i void my warranty HA HA.

    i've dyed my hair one brazillion times and smeared the junk allllll over my scalp/hairline. the vaseline is a great suggestion, but definitely be prepared to get it on your scalp, otherwise you'll have some gnarly roots :-)


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