Friday, June 20, 2008

Friday Five

1. There is a little locally-owned candy counter in the union on campus. A young fella was leaning over the counter, listening intently to the young woman behind the counter telling a story. Immediately, I started to sing in my head, "He loooves her, he thinks she's preeetty..." in the melody and voice of Sandra Bullock from Miss Congeniality. I must be in a pretty good mood.

2. A. and I are going fly-fishing and camping this weekend. VERY. EXCITING. I got very little fly-fishing in last summer because A. was traveling so much with his job. I am very, very happy to be fishing more this summer.

3. In fact, we went (bait) fishing at a reservoir about 60 miles south of us last weekend. We both caught our first small mouth bass. Since mine was bigger, I get to post my photo.

4. I spent 10 minutes talking myself out of eating the remaining half of an uber-delicious, dense, dark, frosted brownie for breakfast this morning. I am glad I did. Besides, it will make a lovely, ready-to-eat dessert tonight!

5. These file folders have me re-thinking the "household documents in annual 3-ring binders" approach to home management. Clearly, files and a file cabinet would be so much better. Especially if I could file everything away in these folders. And paint the file cabinet in some fantastic pattern, maybe something inspired by features on Design*Sponge. I want these folders sooooooo badly. Seriously. Be sure to click on the thumbnails of all the different patterns.

Organizational materials + Fantastic Patterns + Delicious Colors = ABSOLUTE DIVINITY.


  1. Fancy folders make me want a filing cabinet, too! Also, we currently have NO ORGANIZATIONAL SYSTEM AT ALL, except for the wedding, which is all me through Google documents and a drawer full of contracts. Once we start the green card application process, I think we're going to need a more sophisticated filing system. Cute folders might be just the thing!

  2. You are the cutest thing! With your FISH!

    "Young fella". Hee!

  3. so jealous of your camping/fishing trip! except, i've never gone fishing, so i'm not sure if i'm jealous of that part or not.

    i MIIIIGHT get to go camping this coming weekend, though. the sort-of-boyfriend is sort of vague about including me in plans.

  4. Nice fish! I totally want to go fishing this summer - and soon!

  5. I may be posting this same comment again and again: I keep getting an error message, but I am DETERMINED. I hope that if I AM posting it again and again, you will choose your favorite and delete the others, so that I look less like an idiot.

    I remember almost nothing of that movie, except that line, which I love.

    I saw some file folders the other day that were totally gorgeous: they looked like old-fashioned parlor wallpaper, with fancy birds and flowers and stuff. LOVE. But my filing cabinet uses hanging files.

  6. I just saw those fancy file folders yesterday in the campus bookstore. I was trying to think of an application for them that didn't have them shoved into a drawer and filled with dog-eared papers.

    As I'm commenting after the weekend, I hope the camping/fishing trip was fun!

  7. hehe, I do that sandra bullock sing song thing all the time. it annoys the living heck out of people.


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