Tuesday, February 7, 2012

In a Mood

I am still feeling all sorts of unsettled. I want to gut the house and do some small renovations! I want to totally revamp our budget and save more aggressively for retirement! I want to go minimalist and get rid of everything! I want to figure out what the hell I really want to do in a job and get moving! Let's move! Where!?

And yet, I do not have the money or energy for any of this. It is definitely time to do some adjusting with the crazy meds. I am starting to slip into BLAH. A. feels like I am disconnected and it makes him feel unwanted. (He knows my depression is the cause of my mood, but he still feels this way. I am so glad he is honest and can tell me this stuff. And I am thankful I can understand this, too.)

Thankfully, I have a routine appointment with my doctor on Friday, so I can address this right away.


Due to some PISS POOR management by the doctor/owner, the office A. is contract with might be going under. This will affect us financially, but we will manage with little discomfort. But still. A. has seen two of his co-workers get laid off. It is hard not to just feel like shit when faced with this situation daily.


Buster is not doing well. I took him and Belle in for their annual wellness exams last week, a bit earlier than usual. Buster had been throwing up for a couple of days, and then  wasn't eating. Neither of these behaviors are  typical for this little guy. He normally inhales his food. He does not chew, he does not take his time, he just inhales and swallows. So, his lack of interest is a major alarm. And, we are pretty lucky that we get one Annual Barf from both dogs and that is about it.

The vet ran blood tests and apparently his blood work is spectacular. He could "live forever!" she said. (Don't tell me that; I will expect him to!) Anyway, it is a relief that his kidneys and liver are in good health. We put him on some tummy meds and a special diet of some super special, expensive canned food for sensitive tummies. It kind of breaks my heart to see that they make such food. Upset doggie tummies! 

He hasn't thrown up since, but quit eating again yesterday.

I am taking him in for belly X-rays later today. I don't know what I prefer: they find something and so we have something to fix (with surgery?!?!) or find nothing and continue to wonder what is wrong. 

The vet also thinks arthritis has finally set in. Maybe he is just in a lot of pain? (OH. GOD. My baby.) We were holding off on starting pain meds until his belly settled down. I hope we come home with something for him tonight. It might improve his sad mood, at least. 

So, this sucks.


Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer. I am just IN A MOOD, you know?


  1. Ugh. This DOES suck. I'm sorry. Hoping Buster gets better soon.

  2. I hear you on the lack of energy. I feel like today was the first time in WEEKS that I felt ambitious about doing stuff, you know?

    That sucks about A.'s coworkers. SUCKS.

    Poor Buster! I hope it's nothing serious. I am always a nervous wreck when it comes to our pets' health - I hope he is OK.

    (Abby has arthritis, and has had it for probably 7 years. Those cosamin joint chews have done wonders for her. You can buy them at Petco for about $7. I think the brand was Pet Naturals or something like that. They also have doggie ones.)

  3. oh man, i feel your pain on the pet front :/ on the one hand it's good to have something to fix! fix it! but on the other hand... ack, surgery!? i don't want my little guy to need SURGERY!

    i'm hopeful that it will be something fairly benign, like "he's grumpy from arthritis so he's losing his appetite, but here is some inexpensive meds that will make him feel great!"

  4. I feel your pain re: Buster. I tend to go on autopilot a little with my dog (alas; it's a post-kid thing, I'm afraid) until she gets sick and then I feel awful. For her and for myself. Here's seconding Alice's hope that it's easy to diagnose, yet neither serious nor expensive.

  5. I've been feeling blah and listless, too. I think I don't much like February.

    Medical stress is hard. I know that feeling of not knowing what to hope for, and it's so stressful.

  6. Down with the Moods!!! Thinking about you and yours!


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