Monday, June 27, 2011


The other night, I dreamt that we had to put Buster to sleep. I do not remember any specifics, only his big brown eyes, a cold linoleum floor and the crushing heartbreak.

Both Buster and Belle have many happy, comfortable years in front of them. Yet, I have not been able to shake that heartbreak. No really.

Do you ever experience lingering fear/sadness/vague offness from a dream? When this happens to me, it tends to color everything a hazy gray for a day or two. Sometimes, if the dream is scary I will feel slightly wound up and fearful for a few days. Tell me, have you ever had this happen to you?

This has been especially acute since going on Crazy Meds. It is certainly not enough of a pain for me to consider getting off meds, but damn. Sometimes it sucks. If it keeps up, I am scheduling an appointment with my therapist. I want to make sure this is not Crazy showing up in a different pair of pants.

On the other hand, I tend to carry the happiness of a fortunate dream with me, too.


  1. Yes, YES. If I have a dream about a Fabulous Romance, I can actually PINE for awhile. And I once had such a realistic dream about Paul dying, I STILL can get super-sad about it, to the point of TEARS---and it's been YEARS.

    I found that psychiatric medications gave me very, very detailed and realistic dreams. The psychiatrist tried several sleeping pills on me, which didn't help (mostly because if they worked, they knocked me out too cold to deal with middle-of-night child stuff, and/or left me tired the next morning)---but melatonin helped SOME.

  2. OH YES. i've been mad at bfs for ACTUAL DAYS based on a fight we had in a dream. and i KNEW i was only mad from the dream, but that didn't make me stop being hurt/upset/angry about it.

    also sad/anxious dreams! i can definitely be "off" for the day after one of those, even when knowing full well the source of my feelings-of-offness.

    (i don't take any pysch meds, btw! so i think - uh, hope? - this is normal. ish. :) )

  3. Hell Yes! I've had dreams about bad things happening to Rowen, and I'm out of sorts for days afterward. I've also had weird dreams that stick with me for a day or two, with a vague sense of weirdness.


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