Thursday, February 3, 2011

Thick Wool Socks

Lame as it is, the weather is the big news around here.

We didn't get snow (or even wind! THANK GOD!) but we had cooooold weather. Yesterday, as I left for work, it was -40F. (If it had been windy, the windchill was expected to be -65F. WTF!!) All of our hot water pipes had frozen, so I took a shower at the gym over my lunch hour. Jesus. Today, it was only -5F and it feels GORGEOUS outside. Ridiculous!

While on the one hand I am all proud of how tough we all are (or stupid"?), I do wish they would have canceled school. I can't believe that kids were outside waiting for the buses in this weather.

It was a bit of a zoo in the morning. Our friend, MG, stayed with us instead of driving to his home 60 miles to the south. We didn't want him traveling in a less-than-dependable truck in this kind of cold, and he had enough sense to feel the same way. His truck didn't start yesterday. Nor did my car. So he, A., the two dogs and I all piled into our pick up and I proceeded to drop everyone off at class, work, or the kennel. Today the pups are home, as it is supposed to get over 30 degrees ABOVE ZERO. Buster is sporting his new coat, however. I still had to drop A. and MG off at their respective locations. It is kind of a cozy routine.

I totally used the excuse of no hot running water to get out of making dinner. A. picked up pizza for dinner. Score!

Strangely, I am not pining for summer just yet. What the hell?

Stay warm, everyone!


  1. I'm weird, too--I love the cold weather (I also love the fact that it only remain superduper cold for a few days, though. Days on end of too-cold-to-go-out, NO, REALLY, WAY-too-cold would drive me slowly frantic so that by spring I would have eaten my way through the iced-up window frames.)

  2. I'm missing winter, but not THAT kind of winter. So weird to think about -30 degree weather and blizzards when I'm sweating by 7:00 in the morning! In Dar es Salaam at the moment, where it is super hot and sunny. I'll definitely appreciate it more after reading your post.

  3. ok i'm like 2 years late on this, but NEGATIVE SIXTY FIVE!? that is... thoroughly unacceptable. HOLY JEEBUS.


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