Friday, September 4, 2009

Friday Five

1. I think I want a cat.

I know I don't want a cat. The reality of living with a cat is not for me. I don't think.

But I want a sweet little kitty to cuddle in my lap.

As long as I was SURE it wasn't going to chew out my throat with gleeful abandon.

If I were to get a kitty, I would want a black and white (tuxedo?) one with white feet, or a grey striped shorthair.

That wasn't evil.

2. How do you spell grey? I always lean toward grey with an "e," rather than gray with an "a." Thoughts? Bibliodiva, is there some official something or other that explains when to use which?

3. Last Thursday, A. and I took off for the other side of the state to the Bridger-Teton National Forest. We stayed for four days, roaming throughout the park, camping and staying in a National Forest crew cabin. We fly fished until we were sore, sunburned, and beaten. I even wore the skin away on the crook of my right index finger from stripping so much line. I felt kind of bad ass. (But it was kind of gross. Ew.) We fished for about 22 hours or so over the four days.

It was awesome.

I have never utterly relaxed like that before. Now I understand why people take vacations and leave work. Geez!

4. I completed my Cutt Slam! Here I am, having caught an itty-bitty Bonneville to complete the Slam at dusk on Friday. Wahoo! (I don't know what the hell is up with The Super Excited Face.)

5. I have decided to start a separate blog, A Fledgling Artemisia, to talk about and journey through the world of therapy, depression, and anxiety. I decided to try out Wordpress (the free version; I don't need a website "project" to further lure me away from The Thesis!). Hope you don't mind. If I decide I don't like it, I will migrate the blog to a format.

If you are interested in hanging out with me as I find out what size Crazypants I wear, hopeful to return them to the store from which they came, and maybe grown and heal along beside me, please visit.

Happy Friday to you!


  1. Gray is the American spelling. Grey is the British spelling and has slowly crept into the American vernacular. Both are technically considered correct in the U.S. I personally consider gray to be MORE correct.

    Your vacation sounds lovely and makes me even more excited about our road trip!

    Also, we will definitely get together on Saturday. I'll talk to Torsten about the details tonight and then email you back.

  2. You should definitely get a kitty. I have two!
    Cats are adorable and pure evil at the same time and that's exactly what I love about them.

  3. I have two kitties. If I loaned you our black kitty (with a tiny bit of white fluff), you would fall in love and want to kidnap the kitty, because he is really a dog in a cat's body.

    If I gave you our orange tabby, it would confirm for you why getting at cat is a bad idea, because all she would do is hide under your bed and puke up hairballs.

  4. A vacation should be about vacating your "normal" life for a bit in order to recreate and rejuvenate yourself.

    If you still have the slightest idea that a cat will gnaw your throat out while you sleep, then don't get a cat. The truth is, the truly evil cats will do that while you're awake. :-)

    Stick with visiting friends who have cats.

  5. cats are the BEST! honestly. mine hardly ever gnaw my throat out. ;-) but seriously, coming home after a crappy day and having my little bella come curl up on my lap (or on my butt, if i'm lying on my stomach)? THE BEST.

    i THINK i usually spell it gray, but i know i'm definitely not consistent about it.

  6. I way prefer "grey." I know intellectually that "gray" is also correct, but it looks weird to me.

    Oh, kitties are SO NICE. And you could get one from one of those shelters that sorts the kitties into groups by personality type, so you could get a pleasant, non-evil, lap-sitting kitty.


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