Friday, December 7, 2007

Friday Five, An Occasional Series

I am happy to be home from the Ridiculously Long New Employee Training. My co-worker came up to present something, so I was relieved of my duties. Wahoo!

1. Oops - I'd truly meant to mention in my last post on Christmas Cards that I was inspired by this post over at F.T.E.P. Sorry! Here is some belated link love for you.

Incidentally, I'd also meant to freakin' proofread that entry before posting it, but that didn't happen either.

2. Also inspired by F.T.E.P.: Though I wasn't a cheerleader in high school (I was more the couldn't-afford-all-the-goth-stuff, but-listened-to-The-Cure-all-the-time type). I was, however, a goody two shoes member of SADD. Which is ironic and hilarious, as I as hit by a drunk driver in 2000. Moments before I was hit (I was crossing a street), I'd said to my fellow pedestrian, who didn't get smooshed: "I can't believe bicyclists don't get hit in this intersection more often." BLAM! and SPLAT!


I am fully convinced The Universe/God has a dark, dark, twisted sense of humor and that my life is some strange punch line. Yeah, it's pretty fuckin' funny.

3. I was going to post a picture of my gigantic snow boots that I wore on my way in to work today, but I forgot that I do not have the camera with me today. Bummer. I fully expect this footwear to be required in order to make it to my house tonight. *sigh* Winter is upon us, in all its cold, blustery glory. This is the first winter in years that I've actually owned snow boots. That is ridiculous.

4. Ah ha! Here is a link to my boots, and yes, they really do have space under the foot to insert toasty little foot warmers. It's AAAAWSOOOOME! (You must read that in a giddy, sing-song kind of voice.) I feel like a goober in these boots as they are ginormous and I walk pretty funny with them on. I felt totally ridiculous this morning as I schlepped along the grocery store.

5. However, I was thankful I had the boots on earlier this morning. A. and I woke up to four inches or so of newly fallen snow. Snow was still falling, though it was more horizontal than vertical, as is the norm in these parts. So, we both drove from the house: I parked my car at the highway because with the predicted snowfall later today, there isn't a chance in hell my car will make it through the two miles of drifted, non-snowplowed dirt roads. So, if the car is parked at the house, it may stay there for a few weeks. (That was the case last January.) Whereas if we leave it parked at the highway, we can drive the four-wheel drive truck from the house to the highway, and then drive the Civic on the plowed highway into town, and vice versa. This saves us loads on our fuel bill.

Anyway, back to the boots. As I trudged through the snow from the car to where A. was waiting in the truck, I was pretty tickled at how warm and dry my feet were. Like an idiot, I was surprised this was the case. Um, duh.

Happy Friday to you! Stay warm.

P.S. THANK YOU for all of your helpful and encouraging comments regarding my ridiculous Christmas Card Habit. You guys are the best.


  1. You were HIT by a drunk driver? OH MY GOD. That is terrible.

    Oh, snow boots. I can't imagine when I've wear you again.

  2. Tessie - SHIT HAPPENS, and apparently, it makes The Universe bust a gut from laughing.

    It wasn't too bad; I was in the hospital for a day and DIDN'T have to have surgery on my liver (YAY!). I do have occasional neck pain that sucks, and I was TERRIFIED of crossing streets for a long time.

  3. DUDE. i'm glad you have that handy little update there about the severity of the accident, because i was a tad freaked out. here in dc-ish, we currently have a "problem" with pedestrians getting hit way more than normal this past year. and people here go fast, so the struck pedestrians are.. not as lucky.

  4. Alice - I know! (I have a sick fascination with reading hit-pedestrian articles, as a result of "my incident."

    Three days after I moved to DC, which was shortly after I'd been hit, a pregnant woman and her 2-year old son were run over, and, um - CONSUMED, by a street sweeper.

    I nearly applied for a job as a receptionist in my apartment building so I would never have to cross another street as long as I lived.

    I was pretty funny to watch, crossing the streets when I first moved to DC!

  5. I'm glad you didn't sustain more lasting injuries. How scary!

    I love those boots! Seriously, I'm drooling over them for I have been searching for boots for the past week. I used to have a pair of Sorel's, but somehow they didn't make it here when we moved. This saddens me more than I can say. Hmm . . . a trip to Cabella's might be in the works this weekend.

  6. Flibbety - Oh!

    There is a pair of Sorel's that would match my heavy-duty winter coat perfectly, but I can NEVER find them in my size. So, instead, I have giant, black, clunky boots. That work very well, however.

  7. Foot warmers? That is BRILLIANT! Being from North Carolina, I was totally unaccustomed to snow when I moved to Massachusetts for college. I totally thought that boots just kept your feet warm. Because they were BOOTS. Designed to be worn in the COLD. Therefore, they should be designed to keep your feet warm. I quickly learned that that was not the case, and I was very unhappy. I never thought of FOOT WARMERS!

  8. Awesome! Thanks for citing me and it made my day to inspire a post or two. I was wondering why there was a little surge of new people checking me out.

    Also: the running over thing, SUCKY. Sorry about that. I wanted to be goth but I couldn't do it. I didn't have the guts, I think.

  9. I love those boots. I haven't had real boots in awhile. In fact, the last pair of winter boots I bought was about 6 years ago when I was working on a construction site 50% of my day - they had steel toes, so you can imagine how pretty they are!

  10. Those boots are fantastic. I'm totally beyond caring about what I look like - as long as I'm warm and comfortable. Plus, they are better than Uggs!


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